AJL Armours & Cosplay (hereinafter referred to as "AJL")

The CLIENT engages the services of AJL for the following purposes and agrees to use the item/s provided only for appropriate purposes, and in compliance with the care advice provided by AJL.
The parties hereby agree that AJL will provide the CLIENT with a bespoke individually tailored product designed to fit only the one person whose measurements have been provided to AJL. The CLIENT agrees to pay AJL for all services rendered regardless of the outcome of
said services, before AJL shall commence any work on behalf of CLIENT unless
otherwise agreed between the parties of this agreement.
Unless otherwise agreed, the CLIENT agrees to pay AJL for any and all alterations or changes to
an order specification prior to commencement of work on those alterations or changes to the
clients order.It is further agreed that any and all changes / alterations to the original specification may have a
knock on effect in the completion time of the order.
The CLIENT will hold AJL harmless for damages, losses, cost and expenses, including solicitor’s
fees, suffered or incurred in connection with or arising out of claims based on infringement of
copyright that the client has represented to AJL.The CLIENT 

AJL will endeavour to provide a complete and accurate representation of the Clients wishes
pursuant to this agreement. Nevertheless, CLIENT acknowledges that their specified design may
be subject to interpretation and AJL reserves the right to decline, or withdraw from, any
assignment that might give rise to a conflict without explanation.
The CLIENT understands that knowingly supplying false, misleading or incomplete instructions as
to statements of copyright or information to AJL relating to said assignment will result in
immediate termination of said assignment and forfeiture of all money paid to AJL.
AJL does not draw conclusions, make representations, nor expresses any
opinion regarding the suitability of the provided items for any purpose.
By requesting and receiving products produced by AJL, the CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold
harmless AJL, its officers, and employees from any and all claims, liabilities, expenses, fees
including court and solicitor fees, costs, and judgments arising from CLIENTS use or possession of
the said item/s.
The CLIENT agrees that AJL is engaged solely by yourself or your company,
regardless of your CLIENT's ability and/or willingness to pay and further agree that if any
monthly invoice is not paid by you or your company within (30) thirty days after it is
rendered, it will be subject to a service charge at the rate of 8 % per month above the bank of
England base rate and you will be responsible for any reasonable expenses associated with
collections including, but not limited to: our time at our standard hourly rate and all solicitors
fees related to collection of any past due amounts from CLIENT.
This agreement shall commence on the date first written above and shall continue until
terminated by either party for convenience by giving a 10 day written notice or upon final
remittance by CLIENT.
AJL warrants to CLIENT that the service shall be performed with the degree of skill and care
that is required and in conformity with the accepted professional standards prevailing in
the industry at the time the services are preformed. AJL further
warrants to CLIENT that in performing services it will comply with all applicable local, laws,
regulations, and rules including, without limitation. Those pertaining to
confidentiality of sensitive information and / or CLIENT information.
The CLIENT agrees that once the product has left AJL premises and beyond our control AJL
cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred.
Except as specifically provided above, AJL disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied.

The CLIENT is reminded that made to mesure costumes and scratch build props are NON-REFUNDABLE and that the measurements are proviced by the CLIENT.

AJL products are NOT flame resistant or retardant and should never be used near any heat source whatsoever.
Foam based product should never be bent or subject to a scrape and body movements such as thrust stab and punch WILL incur damage to the product and should be avoided.