Halo Master Chief Helmet

Halo Master Chief Mark 6 Helmet - Cosplay Gamer Prop Replica

A realistic game prop that allows its owner to re-create the ultimate gaming character 'Master Chief' or John-117 from the Halo Collection. 

Helmet Features:

  • Mark 6 Master Chief Design.
  • Gold Reflective Visor.
  • Light Up LED Feature To Either Side Of Helmet.
  • Featuring All The Detail Of The In-Game Character.
  • High Grade Olive Green Paint - Any Colour May Be Used.
  • Though For Your Halo Helmet.
  • Comfortable Fit - Padding Included.
  • Wearable For Adults Or For Displaying.
  • Designed In House & Made To Your Specifications - Terms Apply.
  • World Wide Shipping Included In Price.

Items are designed to standard UK sizes.

If You Are Interested In Purchasing This Mark 6 Halo Master Chief Helmet, Please Get In Touch To Discuss Your Requirements.

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