Halo ODST Helmet

Halo ODST Helmet - Gamer Prop Replica

Featuring in the third instalment of the Halo game franchise.  Halo 3 -ODST quickly became the best selling game of all time on Xbox 360 in 2009.  

Helmet Features:

  • Full Scale.
  • LED 'Glowing' Light Up Sides In A Electric Blue.
  • Red Visor.
  • Sculpted & Detailed With A Premium, Professional Finish.
  • Comfortable Fit - Padding Included.
  • High Grade Metallic Gun Metal Paint.
  • Wearable For Adults Or For Displaying.
  • Designed & Made In House To Your Requirements - Terms Apply.
  • World Wide Shipping Included In Price.

Items are designed to standard UK sizes. 

If You Are Interested In Purchasing This Halo ODST Helmet, Please Contact Me To Discuss Your Requirements.

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Halo ODST Helmet as featured in the fan film trailer for 'Deliverance'.  This fan film has been created by production company Smart Wolf Productions.  

High craftsmanship has been provided by AJL Armours & Cosplay for the ODST helmet, armoured costume and prop knife featured in this trailer short.  Providing excellent attention to detail for a realistic finish that gives AJL Armours & Cosplay the edge over competitors.

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