AJL ARMOURS & Cosplay presents: Show Reel 2018 - Showcasing Recent Costume & Armour Designs & Creations

Recent Commercial Work, Commissions & Collaborators

AJL Armours & Cosplays most up to date commercial & bespoke individual work includes some of the biggest names within the industry!

Games Workshop & Warhammer - Advert

Games Workshop & Warhammer - Advert  

Games Workshop & Warhammer - Advert

Infinite Productions - Commercial Advert  

SWP Smart Wolfe Productions  - Fan Film

The Pandorica Opens Film - The Dark Arrow

Based in the North West of England, AJL Armours & Cosplay is run by Anthony Jack Lennon, a budding freelance costume and prop designer/maker. 

Providing a professional and personable service to all clients worldwide. Customer satisfaction lives at the heart of AJL Armours & Cosplay, please take a look at our customer feedback

All products are designed and hand-crafted in-house, which accommodates for alterations and adaptations of your item during the design process along with fast execution. Delivering an exceptional quality and service for larger organisations such as theatres, TV & Film Studios as well as production companies. Get In Touch to discuss your requirements.

recent individual projects

AJL Armour & Cosplays newest replica props & costumes now available for you to own!

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