3D Printing Kit

3D Printing Kits - Various Styles Available

Are you looking for a 3D symbol,  logo decal, badge or emblem etc for your current costume, model or prop?  

AJL Armour and Cosplay provide 3D Printing of additional extras for your costume, prop or model.  Whether you are looking for a  3D symbol, badge or emblem, AJL Armour and Cosplay can accommodate your needs.  These 3D print kits are extremely popular as they allow customers to add extra detail to their current or new costume design.

To discuss your ideas ,requirements and/or any queries you may have, please contact me using the form below providing as much detail as possible.  The ETA for 3D Printing Kits is between 5 and 8 days* - Larger orders and items will take a longer time in production.

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Current 3D Designs Available - If you can't see what you are looking for please get in touch

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