Freelance Theatre Costume Designer UK

Commonly asked questions regarding your costume, prop or model:

How long will my order take to be made and sent out to me?

This is entirely dependant upon the size and detail involved in creating your order. Most standard orders take 14 business days to be created, providing that all measurements have been sent and that payment has been made in full.  Although every effort is made to stick within the ETA provided at the initial consultation, on occasion this time frame may lengthen due to alterations and changes to the design brief.  ALJ Armours and Cosplay provide effective and consistent communication and updates throughout the design process to ensure customers remain up-to-date with their project.

How will my item be shipped?

Items are shipped securely by using high grade bubble wrap and packaging supplies to ensure items are delivered in their original form.  All orders are shipped via secure royal mail service which is traceable online (tracking information supplied).  

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes AJL Armours & Cosplay can deliver world wide via traceable postal service.  Please send me an enquiry and I will happily supply an estimated shipping cost and delivery time frame.

How to care for your Prop, Costume and/or Model:

How do I store your product when it is not in use?

Please be aware that all products created by AJL Armours & Cosplay are handmade and therefore are delicate.  To store your item safely please make sure you use an area that will not cause your item to bend or crease.  Whilst using/displaying your product please do not lean or apply pressure it as this may cause damage.

How do I use my product?

Please remember that all products made by ALJ Armours and Cosplay are designed for showmanship purposes only.  All products have been designed and created for an intended individual.  Therefore please do not allow others to use/wear products as damage and mis-shaping may be caused.  Products are not designed to be used in a manor that may cause harm to yourself or others.  There for it is important to note that products are not to be used by the following methods:

  • Stab
  • Punch
  • Thrust

AJL Armours & Cosplay will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained to a person(s) due to misuse of a product.

What other safety precautions should I take?

Never store or use your prop, costume or model by a naked flame or any flammable products.

None of the products created by AJL Armours & Cosplay are to be given to children or used as toys.