Dr Doom Mask

Marvel Dr Doom Mask

Marvel Cosplay Costumes & Accessories - Dr Doom Mask

Dr Victor Von Doom's Face Mask is a must have costume accessory for any wanna-be super villain.  A firm favourite found within the Marvel Comic collection.

Mask Features:

  • Full Scale.
  • Made From High Grade Fibre Glass.
  • Sculpted & Detailed With A Premium, Professional Finish.
  • Comfortable Fit - Padding Included.
  • High Grade Metallic Silver Paint.
  • Wearable For Adults Or For Displaying.
  • Designed & Made In House To Your Requirements - Terms Apply.
  • World Wide Shipping Included In Price.

Items are designed to standard UK sizes.

If You Are Interested In Purchasing This Dr Doom Face Mask, Please Get In Touch To Discuss Your Requirements.

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Custom Dr Doom Replica Mask Cosplay Replica