Props & Shields Portfolio

Props & Shields Portfolio

Movie, Video Game & Comic Book Replica Props & Shields

AJL Armours and Cosplay provide a unique service to all private and trade customers.  Providing top notch replica props from a variety of popular platforms including; comic books, video games, films and TV shows.

One of the most popular pieces created by AJL Armours & Cosplay has been a series of light up Alice knives from the hit video game; Alice: Return To Madness.  Made from ABS plastic and 3D printed engraved design provides a realistic metal finish to the blade and handle.  Click Here to view the Alice Vorpal Blade page.

With an extensive range of ready made and made to order props and shields available, there is no order that AJL Armous & Cosplay can not fulfil.  Whether you are an individual, production company or theatre group.  Please feel free to Contact AJL Armours and Cosplay to discuss your needs and requirements.

Replica Costume Weapons Available

From Ninja Weapons to Roman Swords, AJL Armours and Cosplay are unique in their approach to your requirements and endeavour to create your idea to a realistic finish.  These cutting edge replica accessories can be re-created from video games, movies, comic books and tv series - simply send your requirements to AJL Armours & Cosplay for a quote.

One of the more recent commissions completed by AJL has been the Halo Magnum Gun.  Modelled from ABS Plastic and finished using metallic paint which has been styled to create a unique, professional metal finish.

Character Cosplay Costume Accessories can be made to look realistic and can have battle damage and weathering added to the design to create a more life-like representation of the accessory.  A great example of this can be seen in the Captain america shields featured below.

As with all of the props and replica products produced in the AJL Armours and Cosplay work shop - items are all designed for adult use only and are not suitable to be used as toys or by children. 

These replica costume weapons add an extra special touch to your cosplay character costume or can be displayed with ease if you wish (individually created display stands can be purchased separately at a additional cost).

Halo Magnum Gun Replica Weapon Prop